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The Black Love Effect was actually a small mass media campaign that I envisioned to promote positive images of Black Love to my people. At that time, it was intended for my mental health non-profit organization for African-Americans: I Just Want My People to Heal Inc.


I wanted to showcase how Black Love not only affects our psyche but also how we see ourselves and how this affects our quality of life. I also wanted to use images of Black Love and honest stories of the people in them to boost confidence, supreme love of self, and an understanding that we are not only capable/worthy of love but we also execute love effortlessly everyday. The media does a good job of portraying us negatively which made me seek to combat those over-saturated negative narratives into something positive...something more real. Black love is not non-existent; there just aren't enough avenues to articulate its presence and impact. 


As I began to develop this idea, I saw that this was a movement much larger than a mini photo campaign that I had originally planned. I began to understand that in order to really change the narrative and keep it changed, this would need to be something that is constant and reinforced regularly to society. I also wanted to give my people a daily reminder of not only the effects of real Black love but also that it is obtainable for them too. With this new revelations in mind, it led me to officially birth The Black Love Effect: my constant ode and dedication to providing a space for Black voices to articulate how they love and how our love affects us. 

The response was immediate! We gained 10,000 followers in under two months and our numbers are still climbing! I am still in awe at the rapid response and positive feedback I've received. These things have resulted in the creation of one-of-a-kind social mixers for Black singles and our upcoming couples retreat. 

We're still growing and expanding. I'm so excited for our future! Please stay tune and subscribe to our mailing list so that you never miss anything. Also, make sure you're following us on Instagram at: @blackloveeffect. Feel free to submit your photos, stories, and most importantly: your Love. 



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